Big Announcement! – Audiobook Now Available on Audible (and more!)

My book, The God I Won’t Believe In: Facing Nine Common Barriers to Embracing Christianity, is now available in audiobook! (Click here to view it on Audible)

This is something that I and my colleague, Curt Fuller, have been working on for many months, and it just went live today.

Additionally, Curt and I sat down recently to record a short podcast episode to talk about the other projects we have in the works, as well as to describe the process of writing and recording these books.

Curt Fuller is the Technical Director at White Fields Community Church. He was the editor of my first book, and he is the voice which reads the audiobook.

Prior to coming to work at White Fields, Curt was already in the audiobook publishing world and was involved doing voiceovers, so he was the right man for the job!

In addition to this audiobook, we have two other projects in the works: a group study guide for The God I Won’t Believe In, which is designed to be used in small groups, youth groups, or by families or individuals at home, and a new book tentatively titled, So That You May Believe, based on evidences for believing in Jesus found in the Gospel of John.

Stay tuned for those, and go pick up a copy of the audiobook version of The God I Won’t Believe In on Audible!

Click here to listen to the podcast episode, or listen I n the embedded player below.

Writing Update & Announcement: Audiobook Preview & Upcoming Book Releases Theology for the People

Curt Fuller is the Technical Director at White Fields Community Church in Longmont, Colorado. Additionally, Curt is Nick's writing partner; he was the editor of Nick's first book: The God I Won't Believe In: Facing Nine Common Barriers to Embracing Christianity The audiobook version of that book was published on February 1, 2023. In this episode, you can hear a preview of that book, and we discuss other projects currently in the works. To read the Theology for the People blog, or to suggest a topic or ask a question, visit:

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