The 7 Most Popular Posts of 2018

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Thank you for taking the time to read and engage with this blog!

Our readership increased this year by 230% over last year, which itself was a 90% increase over the year before. At this point, the blog is being visited about 40,000 times a year by about 30,000 people.

These were the most popular posts from 2018:

  1. Pastors, Depression and Suicide

  2. Why Did Jesus Tell Some People to Keep Quiet About His Miracles and Identity?

  3. Anthony Bourdain, Suicide and the Bible

  4. Why the Dead Sea Scrolls Matter for Christians

  5. Will Studying Science Make You an Atheist?

  6. Making Sense of Different Bible Translations

  7. Expository Preaching: Structure and Progression

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Thanks, and Happy New Year!

6 thoughts on “The 7 Most Popular Posts of 2018

  1. Nick, So grateful for all you do!..Glad to see your increasing readership… thanks for sharing… may God bless you, Family and White Fields richly in the coming year.

    1. 7 just seemed like a particularly godly number 🙂 A few things stuck out to me: people have questions about the Bible for which there are clear answers, but those answers are not being given to them, so they turn to the internet. It’s important that good and correct answers be readily available and easily found in the internet.
      The other thing is that many people are sad and yet long for hope. No one wants to see anyone give in to hopelessness and commit suicide, even if they don’t know them personally. That says something about out humanity and that we are hardwired for hope, and that we view death as something very unnatural (which the Bible says it is too).

      1. Are we all hardwired for hope? If so, then why does someone like me feel mostly hopeless? Can people be Christians and feel so hopeless?

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