Rebranding: “Theology for the People” + Podcast

Recently I was talking to my friend Aaron Salvato who heads up the GoodLion Podcast Network. I reached out to him regarding the idea of possibly creating a podcast with audio versions of some of my articles from this blog. Aaron’s advice was that I consider rebranding the blog since “Longmont Pastor” might tell people who I am, but it doesn’t help them know what this site (and potential podcast) is about.

So, in light of Aaron’s advice, the “Longmont Pastor” blog has been rebranded as “Theology for the People” – which better reflects my goal with this site: to bring understanding of God’s Word and application for the questions that people are asking today.

Theology for the People Podcast

I have also started a Podcast, and I would love it if you would subscribe and share it with others. You can find it on all major podcast platforms, but you can click here to find it on the podcast platform of your choice: Theology for the People Podcast

On the blog you will now see this icon above some posts:

If you click that icon, it will take you to the podcast episode in which you can listen to an audio version of that post.

I plan to create podcast-specific content as well, so make sure to subscribe!

Thanks for reading (and now listening!) – and please continue submitting your questions (click here to ask a question or suggest a topic), and I will continue doing my best to write and record helpful content!

Here are the episodes currently on the podcast:

How Long, O Lord? – The Biblical Genre of Lament and Its Role in Our Lives Today Theology for the People

Welcome to Season 3 of Theology for the People! Michael Payne is the Worship Pastor at White Fields Community Church in Longmont, Colorado. Previously he served as a missionary and worship pastor in Hungary at Golgota Budapest. Prior to that, he served in the US Marine Corps. Listen to Mike's original music on Spotify here, or see him in action on the White Fields Church YouTube page. The books Mike recommends in this episode on the topic of the biblical genre of lament are: Michael Card, A Sacred Sorrow: Reaching Out to God in the Lost Language of Lament Mark Vroegop – Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy Walter Brueggemann – The Message of the Psalms For the Theology for the People blog, or to submit a question or suggest a topic, visit
  1. How Long, O Lord? – The Biblical Genre of Lament and Its Role in Our Lives Today
  2. Was It Necessary for Our Salvation that Jesus be God?
  3. Liturgy: Going Through the (Right) Motions
  4. How is Gluttony a Danger to Your Soul?
  5. How is the Mission of God Progressing in the Midst of the War in Ukraine?

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