Join Me Online for a Week of Global Prayer

Starting tomorrow, March 26-April 2, 2020, I will be one of several Calvary Global Network pastors hosting a live hour of prayer on the the Calvary Chapel Facebook page.

Pastors across the world will be going live at times in their respective time zones to lead prayer for our countries and communities, particularly related to COVID-19 and everyone affected by it, and to receive and pray for the prayer requests of those who tune in live.

I will be hosting the 12:00 PM Mountain Time slot. I’d love to have you join me online for that, and send me your prayer requests!

Once again: March 26-April 2 (Thursday-Thursday) at 12:00 PM Mountain Time.

4 thoughts on “Join Me Online for a Week of Global Prayer

  1. Vess and I would appreciate prayer for his travels. Until this is over he will be driving at least 15 hours each way just to come home on his weekends. With the hours he already works this will be difficult for him. Also, as essential personnel he will be far more exposed to the virus than those of us who can stay in. So prayers for his continued good health.

    Tx Pastor Nick.

  2. I just saw this email this morning. I think it’s a wonderful idea. I wish I had seen it sooner. Let us know if there will be another online week of prayer. Thanks for all you do and your prayers. I’m still working so not a large amount of free time. God bless you. Lynn Dananay

    1. Good news: prayer around the world has been extended for another week. My time slot is going to move to 1pm starting tomorrow (Friday). Today I’m on at noon for the last time.

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