Project Greatest Gift 2018 Wrap-Up

Project Greatest Gift, our church’s annual outreach to children and caretakers in the foster care system in Northern Colorado, was a success again this year.

Loading up gifts to deliver for Project Greatest Gift

In the end, we were able to sponsor 241 children and caretakers in three northern Colorado counties. Additionally, we were able to take part in an event to meet and bless the families who were recipients of these gifts. Along with giving gifts, we were able to include materials in each bag explaining to each child and caretaker the hope that we have because of Jesus.

Delivering gifts in Greeley

One thing to pray about for 2019 is that Weld County (where the majority of our recipients come from) is considering cancelling their program next year. If that happens, White Fields would consider taking over the program from them. This would require significant resources, meaning we would likely have to expand what we do beyond our church. This might just be the next step God has for this project, but do pray for God’s leading and provision as we move forward!

Check out this interview that our worship pastor Mike Payne did with Christine Appel, the founder and leader of Project Greatest Gift:

6 thoughts on “Project Greatest Gift 2018 Wrap-Up

  1. My son, Dylan & I attended the event in Greeley where the gifts were given out. We made pots of hot cocoa & apple cider & handed it out to families as they waited for carriage rides. The event seemed well attended & everyone was happy to get something warm in their hands as they waited in the cold! We saw Conrad & Jill as well as Beth from White Fields, their may have been others there but we were back in the kitchen instead of out where they served dinner. It was a blessing to meet some of the families we provided Christmas gifts for & I think they felt blessed as well!

  2. Project Greatest Gift is awesome. I appreciate it that White Fields helps those children who are in foster care.

    1. Statistically, they are one of the most at-risk people groups in our society. I would love to see God use us to minister to them in increasing ways, and that they would know the love of God in Christ.

      1. I was never in the foster care, but the rest of my siblings were. I was out in the world basically alone. I wished for someone to help me. I want to do more to help those who had a life like I do.

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