Son of God: New movie about Jesus

The story the world can’t get enough of…

When we worked with refugees in Hungary, we used to show them the Jesus film, which follows the Gospel of Luke. I love the Gospel of Luke, but I have to say – that was one very boring depiction of it.

After watching this trailer, I have to say that this new movie looks hopeful, that it might be the best Jesus movie yet.
We’ll have to wait and see how biblical it is and if/where they decide to take liberties.

I saw Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” – but there was something that irked me about it. Not sure what it was – although it might have been the part where Jesus is credited with inventing the chair…

I’m looking forward to this movie though. How about you?

4 thoughts on “Son of God: New movie about Jesus

  1. This looks like it came from the History channel series The Bible. They must have decided to take the pets about Jesus and make it into a movie.

  2. It was OK…nice to see a moderately accurate portrayel of Biblical stories on television. Sometimes the acting was a little over the top and sometimes unnecessary changes were made to the Bible stories, but overall I’d give it a thumbs up….a 7 or so on a scale of 10. I kept thinking that the actor who played Jesus reminded me of the neanderthals on the Geico commercials, so that was weird.

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