Rebranding Our Radio Ministry: “Life in the Field” Has Become “Be Set Free”

Our radio ministry has been expanding and we felt this was a good time for some rebranding. As of April 1, 2021, “Life in the Field” has become “Be Set Free”

Our program airs Monday-Friday at 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM, and Sundays at 1:00 PM on GraceFM: 89.7 FM along the Northern Front Range (Cheyenne, WY – Castle Rock, CO) and 101.7 in Colorado Springs, CO. We can also be heard online at and on the GraceFM app.

Along with this rebranding, we have started a dedicated webpage for Be Set Free, where you can find each day’s message from the radio: You can even sign up on the site to have those messages delivered directly to your inbox.

You can also subscribe to the Be Set Free Podcast, and every day you will get that day’s episode delivered directly to your podcast app. Go to: Be Set Free Podcast

Be Set Free is a listener-supported ministry, and if you would like to contribute to helping to spread the gospel over the airwaves through clear, relevant expository Bible teaching, you can donate here.

How to Live as Citizens of Heaven Here on Earth Part 1 Be Set Free

Airing Date: 2021 April 13 Romans 13 Governing Authorities From our series: Romans: Saving Grace
  1. How to Live as Citizens of Heaven Here on Earth Part 1
  2. How the Gospel Transforms Relationships Part 2
  3. …Has Not Proven His Existence Part 2
  4. How the Gospel Transforms Relationships Part 1
  5. Understanding Israel: The Tree and Its Branches Part 2