Ukraine Relief Update: What We Did in Hungary & Ukraine

I arrived home last night after a whirlwind trip to Europe to help with the humanitarian crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Many people have been interested to hear about what we did over there, and what needs and opportunities there are for help in the future, so the night before I left to come back to the US, Pastor Michael and I sat down to film a video sharing with people some of what we accomplished, and what some of the ongoing needs are.

We filmed this at the kitchen table in Michael’s old apartment in Budapest, using a broom as our camera stand!

There are many needs. Just today we have been working on wiring money to people in another city in Ukraine to help buy another van to transport food and aid, and to evacuate people. If you would like to give, we will put that money directly into the hands of people who are serving on the ground. Donations can be made here: Ukraine Relief Fund

Here’s that video update:

One thought on “Ukraine Relief Update: What We Did in Hungary & Ukraine

  1. The video filled my heart with many emotions: joy, concern, love, sorrow, relief, uncertainty. We continue with praying and giving. I understand the emotions of those families having an airplane flying above you when you have left a war-torn country. I was in Iraq. Time heals.

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