Time Talks

I found this quote in a book I am reading for a theology course on the history of Christian worship. The point of this chapter is how, unlike other religions which eschew time as insignificant or illusory, Christianity takes time seriously. Christianity does not just talk about salvation in general, but of salvation accomplished by specific actions of God at definite times and places. It speaks of climactic events and a finale to time.

Time talks. When we give time to others, we are really giving ourselves to them. Not only does our use of time show what is important to us but it also indicates who or what is most significant to our lives. Time, then, is a definite representation of our priorities. We reveal what we value most by how we allocate this limited resource.

I personally found that very challenging. It seems that time allocation is somewhat of a mirror. If what our time allocation reveals about our values does not match up with what we believe they should be in theory, then we should be challenged to change some things!

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