Mother Who Died While Driving High Had Children In Car

A few months ago a fatal head-on collision happened on a road we drive almost every day. We wondered how this could have happened, and finally the toxology reports were released: both drivers were high and one was high and drunk.
We are so sorry for these children who lost their mother, the families who lost their loved ones. We are also concerned, that incidents like this might become more frequent as marijuana becomes more commonplace in Colorado.

CBS Denver

LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4)– Toxicology tests show the driver responsible for a double fatal crash in Longmont in September was high on pot with THC levels exceeding the legal limit to drive.

The crash happened on Sept. 23 near the intersection of Gay Street and 17th Avenue. It killed Lisa Garcia, 28, of Longmont, and Therese Woodworth, 49, of Dacono.

Longmont police said the SUV Garcia was driving swerved across several lanes of traffic and hit the pickup truck Woodworth was driving.

Copter4 was over the crash in Longmont in September (credit: CBS) Copter4 was over the crash in Longmont in September (credit: CBS)

Tests showed above-the-limit levels of marijuana in the systems of both women.

“Statistically it’s probably not very probable and unfortunately both people died,” said Longmont Police Commander Jeff Satur.

“Unfortunately, both drivers had more than 5 ng/mL of THC in their systems which, according to Colorado Revised Statutes 42-4-1301(6)(a)(IV), gives rise to a permissible inference that they…

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