Cyclists banned from some Boulder County roads: Reasonable or not?

I personally don’t mind the cyclists on Boulder County roads.

The Smith Compound

It’s reasonable to ask people to avoid unnecessary trips up or down canyon roads that are being rebuilt after their destruction by devastating floods.

If traffic of any sort is allowed on the roads, however, is an outright ban on bicycle traffic reasonable?

The question is prompted by this story about Boulder County roads that are now closed to cyclists but open, apparently, to anyone else.

It is a reasonable distinction to make:

  • If you do not consider the bicycle a legitimate mode of transportation.
  • If you assume that everyone who needs to get somewhere has or has access to a motor vehicle or public transportation.
  • If you assume that cyclists are on the roads only for recreation.
  • If it is true that the most serious hazard for cyclists is the lack of a guardrail or shoulder (as if cyclists must always ride next to the road rather than upon

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