Local Busses in Longmont Free

I took the bus today, and I liked it.

I’ve always thought about riding the bus here in Longmont; there’s a bus stop about 100 feet from my house. The thing is, that the bus doesn’t run very often, and it costs just as much as driving my car around town. I’d rather get around without my car – but there’s no real incentive to do so, until now.

Starting today, busses within Longmont are free. If you ride from Longmont to Boulder, you will be given a voucher to reduce the price for the in-town part of the ride.

Unlike my car, the bus is air-conditioned. And even though the ride to where I work on Tuesdays is 30 min by bus, as opposed to 12 min by car – I always have plenty of work I can do on my phone while I am sitting on the bus, which makes it time I can easily spend productively.

I’m not sure if this initiative is motivated by the desire to be environmentally friendly or simply because no one was riding the bus (my guess would be the latter), but I say: Good on you, Longmont! I love that this city does cool stuff like this. I will definitely be riding the bus a lot this year and using my car less.


Scientists flying over Colorado oil boom find worse air pollution

Scientists flying over Colorado oil boom find worse air pollution

This article from the Denver Post claims that “scientists have found that Colorado’s Front Range oil and gas boom has been emitting three times more methane than previously believed — 19.3 tons an hour.”

A friend of mine had this to say about it: “Maybe if these companies spent as much money on being ‘clean’ as they did on advertisements telling us ‘it’s safe,’ it would actually be safe.”

I certainly have noticed a huge push in media advertisements from oil companies claiming that fracking is safe – radio and television ads, not to mention internet marketing and mass mailers.

What are your thoughts on fracking? Do you think that environmentalists are making a big deal about something which could potentially be a great thing for our nation?

I like the idea of energy independence; I think the US should pursue it.  At the same time, I’m glad to live in Longmont, where fracking has been banned. I like clean air and clean water and the whole fracking experiment seems risky to me.

It seems hard to get truly objective information on the risks of fracking. Even the information that is put out about how safe and environmentally friendly it is seems to be from those who stand to benefit from it financially.

Please let me know your thoughts on fracking below in the comments section.