Ukraine: How to Help and How to Pray

Many of you have asked how to pray and if there is any way to help those affected by the Russian attack on Ukraine.

We have been in constant communication with our friends and missionaries there and are happy to report that all are safe and well.  Some have chosen to stay in their respective cities and some have chosen to leave. 

Others are making preparations to receive the vast number of internally displaced people and refugees that are now a reality.

Residential building in Kyiv, hit by a missile.

It is expected that there will be over 1 million refugees fleeing Ukraine, while the Ukrainian government is not allowing men of fighting age (18-65) to leave the country, but urging them to stay and fight.

How to Give

If you would like to support our co-laborers there in Ukraine during this time, we have set up a fund for financial support here: Ukraine Relief Fund.

Your gifts will be used for provision of food and shelter for those displaced in Ukraine and also for those displaced missionaries who are now incurring large unexpected expenses during this war.  

How to Pray

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with Jed Gourley and Pam Markey, long time missionaries with Calvary Chapel, now serving in the country of Georgia, but who served for many years in Ukraine. They both have family in Ukraine, and they were able to give some insight on what is going on, and the best ways to pray.

You can listen to that discussion here:

CGN Ukraine Update: What to know and how to pray. (With Jed Gourley and Pam Markey) The CGN Mission & Methods Podcast

Nick Cady and Aaron Salvato talk with missionaries Jed Gourley and Pam Markey about the situation in Ukraine! We at CGN wanted to do what we can to help our Calvary family understand what is happening in Ukraine during the start of this war and how we can all be praying.

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