The Longmont Pastor on the Radio!

Life in the FieldAs of this past Sunday (March 8), those of you on Colorado’s Front Range can now hear me on the radio every Sunday morning on GraceFM (89.7 for Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins areas & 101.7 in Colorado Springs) from 10:00-10:30 AM.

Our church service at White Fields starts at 10:00 AM – as do many other churches. So why this time slot? Because our aim is to reach people who are not in church!

The program is titled Life in the Field, because our desire is to bring the Gospel message of Jesus Christ into people’s lives, so that they can live out God’s mission in his mission field – hence: Life in the Field.

In addition to our weekly broadcasts, we’re also archiving all of our episodes on SoundCloud (click here for our SoundCloud account), so you can listen to them at your connivence on any device.


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