How is Your Welcome Mat Looking?

I love these thoughts about community being at the heart of Christianity.

One Christian Dad


Last week, my wife let me in on her personal devotions for the day.  She had been meditating on Romans 12:13 which says  “Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.”

It is was convicting for both of us.  Do we “seek” to show hospitality? We give our tithe and put  a few dollars in the offering every service and we have people over for coffee and Bible study once in a while.  And those are good things, but do we actively seek out people, other than close friends and family, and invite them in?

“Contribute to the needs of the saints”…what do you think that means? It means giving things away, like money, time, clothing, and food, for the sake of others in need. But Paul doesn’t stop at giving things away, he goes on and increases the demand on us, stretching us further…

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2 thoughts on “How is Your Welcome Mat Looking?

  1. i was confused at first because i thought that you wrote it. Your house is always filled with people coming and going, so i realized that this is not about you.

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