The Case for Big Change at Calvary Chapel

The Case for Big Change at Calvary Chapel

Christianity Today published this interview with Brian Brodersen today about the nature and the future of Calvary Chapel.

I personally have been blessed by the ministry of Calvary Chapel and we have great love and respect for Pastor Brian. We have known Brian for many years, and he married my wife and I back in 2004. I think it is great that they gave him the chance to share his heart about the past, present and future of Calvary Chapel.

The title of this article mentions “Big Change” at Calvary Chapel. I understand that a title like that makes the article more intriguing so people will click and read – but it seems to me from the interview, that Brian is not wanting to fundamentally change the movement or the church he pastors in Costa Mesa from the foundational principles which have always made Calvary Chapel a great, powerful, biblical movement of God: Expository Bible teaching, evangelism and communicating in a culturally relevant way without compromising Biblical values.

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