Peyton Manning’s Christian Faith

As a Broncos fan, this season of Broncos football has been one of the best ever, especially with Peyton Manning having his best season ever. I’m hoping Peyton and crew can bring the Lombardi trophy back to Denver once again on February 2!
From what I can tell, Peyton is a stand-up guy, a true sportsman. Whether professional athletes should be role-models or not, the fact is that they are, for better or for worse. Seems to me that Peyton fits in the “for better” category. I remember a few years ago when the media was reporting on how Tom Brady was a great quarterback but not a great person. Seems to me that has changed as well – but of course there is John Elway: adored in Denver as a great quarterback, but generally regarded as a rotten person.
I’m glad to know that Peyton’s a brother in the Lord!

One thought on “Peyton Manning’s Christian Faith

  1. Inspiring, he seems like a real Christian unlike the many i meet that say things, but they do not show it in their life. i hate football, but i can admire him.

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