John Taft Gallery

One of the great things about Longmont is the local art scene, and the gem of the local art scene is landscape painter John Taft.

I acknowledge that I may be biased in this, being that the Taft family are friends of ours and attend White Fields Church, but I still stand by my assessment. John has won numerous awards and honors for his work, including a feature article in Southwest Art Magazine.

John and Lisa Taft

Tonight we went to John’s gallery on 3rd and Main for the monthly Second Friday show. Unfortunately tonight may be the last of these shows, as John currently plans to move out of the downtown space he has been in for the past 2 years.

Even if the gallery does close, John’s work will still be available in several galleries around Colorado as well as through his website:

You should click that link and check out John’s work. Seriously – do it.

We recently became the proud owners of a John Taft painting (we like to think of ourselves as collectors now :), and hope to acquire more in the future.

The Longmont Pastor and the Cady family’s first John Taft piece: “White Roses”

What’s special about John and his art is that he approaches art as a form of bringing glory to God. Displaying God’s created beauty in a way that moves people and taps into the human heart’s innate longing for perfection and beauty honors God and leads people to glorify him.

Check out John’s stuff online, and if you live in Longmont or elsewhere in Colorado, take the opportunity to check out his paintings in person at a gallery near you. Seeing the brush strokes up close and then stepping away – it’s the whole experience. Don’t pass it up.


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