Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ken Ham Debate Tonight

Turns out that Bill Nye the Science Guy isn’t actually a specialist in the area of evolution – but he will be taking on seasoned debater and Australian Creationist Ken Ham tonight in a live debate.

I’ll be tuning in; it should be interesting. If nothing else, it is encouraging to see such a debate get such a big platform and so much media attention.

In the video above, I can’t help but point out 1 observation about Bill Nye’s comments:

  1. He mentions that the United States is the only place in the world where evolutionary theory is questioned.
    Really Bill Nye?
     Did you not notice that the guy you are debating is not from the USA?  He’s Australian (that’s another country, FYI).  Apparently there are other countries where people question theories that have very little basis to them!
    Might I also point out that I lived in Europe for 10+ years, and over there the intelligent design movement is quite strong. In fact, our church over there hosted lectures at the local college/university for 3 years in a row on the topic of intelligent design from a scientific perspective – and always had packed-out attendance. In fact, in that same college there was an intelligent design research group. Yes, in Europe (also not in the United States).
    Bill Nye, if you want to have a real debate based on facts, don’t make sweeping statements with no substance behind them.

It’s the caricature of the creationist viewpoint as ignorant and “head-in-the-sand” which is the very reason this debate is going to benefit the creationists. I expect that Ken Ham is going to present creationist research as a viable option for the thinking person. The fact it that it is not just country hicks and unlearned people who reject macro-evolutionary theory – on scientific and rational grounds.

I’m sure there will be a lot to take note of in this debate. I’m pretty sure Bill Nye took this on because he thinks that he can deliver a death blow to the intelligent design and creationist movements, but I’m quite sure that he will do no such thing.

I’m also quite sure that Bill Nye will not be converted to a creationist point of view in the debate tonight – but no matter what, giving such a platform to Ken Ham is a wonderful favor to the creation science movement.

Here’s what NBC news had to say about tonight’s debate.   How about you? Will you be tuning in?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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